Author: Chinmay Patel

8 Hobbies That Will Turn Your Resume from Good to Great

Have you ever though that your hobbies can strengthen your resume? Most resume writing guidelines advise you to skip this section. However, your hobbies can help you stand out among other applicants and increase your chances of getting the job. For example, Google always pays attention to the hobbies of prospective employees. They have their own approach to candidates. Google believe that a successful person always has time for some hobbies. In their case, it’s not so important whether the hobby is related to your job. However, it would be a mistake to state that all other companies practice this...

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How to Force Yourself to Sleep in 30 Seconds

    Are you tired of counting sheep? Does the taste of warm milk make you cringe? Everybody knows a trick or two to fall asleep, but most of them aren’t nearly as effective as they should be. Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining your health (and a good mood, too). Don’t leave it up to chance. In fact, developing a healthy sleep routine should be one of the lessons learned in life as early as possible. Don’t you wish you could learn how to make yourself fall asleep instantly? We’re positive that one of...

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How to Follow Your Life’s Passion and Transform It Into Your Dream Job

Transforming everything is as easy as “A,B,C” Do you remember the last time you had the feeling of excitement and energy buzz inside you? Perhaps it was at work, as a result of landing that promotion, or securing a new client. If you are a parent, it might have happened when you saw your child for the first time. These same feelings arise when we allow ourselves to uncover, nurture, and pursue our passion. Many people go through their entire life with a stifled passion sitting on the back shelf of their mind. We enter the world like a...

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Why Perspective-Taking Is the Secret Weapon of Successful People Everywhere

Have you ever started to make a list of goals or objectives, only to become frustrated by the distance between point A and point B? Do you feel besieged by management duties at work? Or do you feel slightly out of your element in your attempts to reach out to your team members? Taking a few moments to adopt a different perspective than the one you currently inhabit is an effective path that will allow you to achieve the kind of success most people are only able to strive toward. Here are a few strategies for taking a step...

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Doing Good Deeds Without Expecting Anything in Return

People are usually good by nature. They want to do good things; they want to help other people whenever they can. Some will even go beyond their means to help someone in need if they’ve been deeply touched by the circumstances of the needy one. However all too often we often want recognition for the good we’re doing and that’s when we get sidetracked. Every week I do the shopping for my old neighbour; it has become a habit now. Sometimes it feels like I’ve taken such a huge responsibility although I do their shopping while I’m doing mine,...

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